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And Other Stuff You Want To Know

fishing rods

What To Bring

Checklist for your Charter Trip:

  • ​Ohio fishing license

  • Canadian fishing license if Captain John says you need one

  • Rain Gear

  • Jacket and Hat

  • Sun glasses and sunscreen

  • Motion sickness medicine if needed

  • Lunch and beverages ( cans only, one cooler )

  • Camera

  • Cooler to take fish home in

Captain John in his Charter Boat

Captain John's Rules

  • Beer is ok in cans NO GLASS BOTTLES

  • No Liquor

  • Concealed carry weapons are not permitted on board the boat

  • Please wear soft-soled non-marking shoes if at all possible

A great walleye catch

Extra Info

Many times over the years I have spoken with both men and women who say they’d like to book a 
trip someday because they have never been to Lake Erie, or never been walleye fishing, or have 
never fished at all! Not to worry because I love this kind of group! Here are a few things to remember as you plan your trip.

  • Normally we leave the dock at 7:30 AM and get you back around 3:30 PM. Sometimes this changes due to weather conditions.

  • I supply all the fishing gear, tackle, and bait for the trip. Unless it is a bass trip.

  • I supply a cooler and ice for the fish we catch while on the lake.

  • The fish cleaner picks up your catch right at the boat.

  • Rates for fish cleaning vary depending on the amount of fish, plan on $50-$100.

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