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Make no mistake this is the walleye capital of the world. Many anglers from around the country converge on Lake Erie in the spring months to kick off the walleye season. Walleye can grow up to 30 inches in length and weigh up to 20 plus pounds. Walleye are the main attraction for sport fishing on Lake Erie since they are abundant, fun to catch due to the size and good to eat.

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We will fish for perch anytime of the year. This can be a trip of it's own or just to add to the walleye already in the cooler. This is a favorite of local cuisine. This is a great way to entertain younger or less experienced fisherman as it typically provides plenty of action. The best months for perch fishing on Lake Erie are from July to October.

Smallmouth Bass

Lake Erie has some of the best bass fishing this country has to offer. In the early spring, we fish the spawning areas around the islands. With the lighter tackle that is used for this type of fishing it can result in some of the most exciting fishing you will ever experience.

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